The NFL’s Broken Officiating Was On Full Display In Primetime Once Again

Associate Editor
11.22.16 5 Comments

You’ll never believe this, but there was a controversial call thanks to subpar refereeing that occurred in a Monday Night Football game. Monday’s game between the Raiders and the Texans had one egregiously bad decision by the officials that really hurt Houston. Late in the game, another blown call helped Oakland walk out of Mexico City with the win.

Houston faced a fourth-and-inches with 6:18 left and the game tied at 20. The ball was on the Raiders’ 15, and while the Texans could have just kicked the field goal, the team decided to go for it instead. Houston handed the ball off to Akeem Hunt, who plowed forward and looked like he got the ball past the yellow line.

That’s close, but based on the yellow line (which is unofficial but still a generally accurate representation of the first down marker) and where Hunt’s arm is, this looks like a first down. However, the officials decided Hunt didn’t make it, Oakland got the ball, went down the field, and scored the go-ahead touchdown.

But before that happened, Texans coach Bill O’Brien decided to throw the challenge flag. Here was where the ball was marked down…

…and here was where it looked like Hunt was down from a different angle.

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