Hoverboard Jousting Is Your New Favorite Dorm Room Death Sport

Ever since those dumb hoverboard things went mainstream a few years ago, we’ve seen plenty of people get hurt as a result. Not only are they seemingly difficult to maneuver given how many people completely eat it while riding them, they also spontaneously explode sometimes. That’s fun.

But maybe nobody has been more brutally victimized on a hoverboard than the guy you see in the video above. In it, two young gentlemen engage in some “hoverboard jousting,” a sport in which two riders glide directly towards each other and see who ends up as the last man standing.

Unfortunately for this kid, he entered the arena (a hallway) with a far more lackadaisical philosophy than his competitor. As a result, the kid in the backward hat got absolutely obliterated by a vicious shoulder throw from the other dude. In fact, he got wrecked so hard that all he could do was roll around on the floor while coughing up his presumably shattered insides.

As for the other competitor and the witnesses involved, they didn’t seem too concerned about possibly witnessing this kid’s entire life get destroyed. It seems that murderous hoverboard jousting soldiers don’t come with a whole lot of compassion.

Anyway, hoverboards are pretty dumb, but this seems quite fun. I’m in favor of making this a thing, as long as I never have to play.