How Could Anyone Not Cheer For The Houston Texans Now?

If I’m a sucker for just one thing in this world, it’s videos of American soldiers returning home to surprise their families. Combine them with sporting events and you’re just making me one giant sandwich of “Good God, I’m gonna lose it.” Sadly, we know that some families will never see their heroes again, which really brings out the waterworks when those families are honored at sporting events. That’s why I’m giving the Houston Texans and the Bay Area Builders Association Support Our Troops program “Operation Finally Home” the biggest thumbs up in the history of the world.

During the Texans’ loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Sara Wood and her son, Landon, were treated to some special gifts by the team because her husband, Staff Sgt. Scott Wood, died from combat-related injuries on Nov. 20, and he was a huge Texans fan. So much so that he was even buried with his Andre Johnson jersey under his Marine uniform. And then the extra special surprise:

“They pulled us out a few minutes before half time because they said they have a gift basket and some gifts for Landon,” Wood said.

That was all true. But in addition, they got a brand new house that day.

(Via Your Houston News)

That’s right, BABASOT is building a house for Wood and her son, completely free of mortgage. You know that scene in Ocean’s 13 when Rusty walks into Danny’s room and he’s watching Oprah, and they both start crying because Oprah gives a brand new house to a homeless family? That was me this morning, just a little more handsome.

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