How Didier Groin Feel After That Kick?

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.08.12 4 Comments

didier-zokora-nutshotA tale as old as time, and a great reason to love soccer: one guy says something racist, so the other guy lifts him off the ground with a boot to the nuts.

By way of It’s Always Sunny In Detroit:

Didier Zokora claimed that Emre Belozoglu used a racial slur when the two players’ Turkish clubs met in April. Belozoglu was suspended for two games for the incident.

Zokora got his revenge Sunday when he came together with Belozoglu.

Remind me to never go to Turkey and be a racist. That looked less like a kick to the junk and more like a guy getting gored during the Running Of The Bulls. Motherf**ker kicked a field goal. Didier only got a yellow card for his actions, but watching Belozoglu roll around on the ground in agony after being flung across the stadium by his scrotum was worth any punishment.

Let that be a lesson to everyone:

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