How To Defeat Anderson Silva: Be A Tribesman With No Formal Training

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02.09.12 9 Comments

… of course, that’s if you want to beat him using your tribe’s “huka-huka” rules. You can win huka-huka by taking your opponent’s back. When you let him start trapping your legs and ripping your arms out of socket, yeah, then not so much.

anderson-silva-tribesman-huka-hukaThis video (jump to the 1:00 mark if my coding is terrible) features UFC Middleweight Champion Silva testing his might against an Amazonian tribe with only the help of his delicious and nutritious Amazoo Açaí brand sports drink (or whatever). As a bit of a warning, this video could be considered NSFW as it contains small amounts of hard-to-see-unless-you’re-looking-for-it dong, but not porno dong, National Geographic dong. Educational dong. Circumstantial dong.

Regardless, this video manages to be overtly masculine and heartwarming at the same time, and shows one of the cool perks of being a world-renowned martial artist: getting to battle people from all four corners of the cultural globe, share a hug of fellowship, and split a box of Go-Go Juice.

Someone to send Chael Sonnen to Brazil and see if the locals take to him.

[h/t Cage Potato]

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