How To Make Stick Sports Fun: Nutshots

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.21.11 4 Comments

The YouTube description for this video says it all in a wonderful, Hans Moleman sort of way:

Man getting kicked in the balls after committing a foul and taunting other players.

I guess the only thing you can add after that is “excuse me, Man? If you’re going to commit a foul and taunt other players, don’t stand over them with your legs like that”. I don’t know a lot about lacrosse and even less about Hurling, which this apparently is, so I’m not sure where the fouling starts. A guy gets dragged to the ground, so a player from the other team hits him with a stick. Is it legal in Hurling to hit the other team with youre stick when they’re on the ground? Anyway, that guy gets checked from behind, then retaliates by kicking a guy in the balls. Funny, or video evidence of the least sportsmanlike player of all time? You make the call.

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]

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