How To Survive A Hot Chelle Rae Pro Bowl Performance

By way of Sportress Of Blogitude comes this hilarious/cautionary clip of a young boy asked to participate in Hot Chelle Rae’s 2012 Pro Bowl performance, trying desperately to heed the Myth of Icarus and not fly too close to the musical sun.

Watch closely and see if you can blame him for doing what any of us would’ve done:

The good news is that this kid will probably still have a job in 10 years.

Loosely related note: One of the weird side effects of having satellite radio is that I listen to a lot of random sh*t I shouldn’t, so I’ve heard both the radio-edit and “explicit” versions of Hot Chelle Rae’s hit “I Like It Like That”. I can say without exaggeration that changing “sun so hot/make the girls take it all off” to “sun so hot, everybody singin’ a-long” so kids can hear them on Radio Disney is the most Krusty The Klown “what I’d like is that I’d like to hug and kiss you” bullsh*t of all time.

That is all. /covers ears