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It’s hard to get outraged over these teacher-does-student stories anymore. First of all, it’s pretty ridiculous to consider a high-school kid a “victim” when he’s scoring ass while the rest of us are holding down jobs. And secondly, well, teachers need lovin’ too. Even if they do look like full-blown child molesters.

Police in Coquille [Oregon] have arrested the Coquille High School track coach on charges of sexually abusing at least one of her athletes.

Police Chief Mark Dannels said police acting on a citizen tip arrested 36-year-old Wendi Boutiette Saturday on charges of second-degree sexual abuse, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and sexual misconduct.

Booty-ette is married with two kids, none of which were sufficiently bangable, I guess. Hey, cheer up, honey. There’s always Race For The Cure. The cure for your insatiable appetite for teenage boys. That’s no big deal, but those bangs are an absolute crime. Maybe if you went to a salon once in a while you could get dipped by someone your own age.


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