Hulk Hogan Likes The Gators In The NCAA Tournament And Johnny Manziel In The NFL

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03.27.14 5 Comments

When you’ve got a bunch of haters like Merril Hoge out there telling the world that you’re not going to make it in the NFL, it’s nice to know that someone has your back. It must have made Hoge’s latest Public Enemy No. 1, Johnny Manziel, feel good to know that WWE legend and breastaurant owner Hulk Hogan really believes that he has what it takes to make it in the NFL. Otherwise, he’d just have to rely on his millions of ordinary fans, and the many more millions of dollars that his family is sitting on top of.

But the Hulkster indeed declared his support for Johnny Football yesterday, as he was a guest on Sports Nation to promote Wrestlemania 30 and probably the new wet t-shirt contest at Hogan’s Beach, which will feature Brooke Hogan as the first and only contestant ever. Before he turned on the BROTHER machine for Manziel, though, Hogan ripped his shirt off to reveal that he thinks the Florida Gators will win the NCAA Tournament.

Then he informed the SN crew that he’s basically the biggest bandwagon NFL fan in the history of the league.

That’s some unapologetic bullshit right there, folks. Anyway, turn your volume down and get ready for the best mindless rant you’ll hear about Johnny Football this week.

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