A Hunter In North Carolina Bagged A Wild Boar That Weighed In At 500 Pounds

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03.13.14 20 Comments

Continuing my evening of apparent fascination with dead animals, a hunter in North Carolina has become a huge Internet celebrity after pictures of the wild boar that he shot and killed started making the rounds. Jett Webb claims that he spotted an 8-foot long, 500-pound wild boar while hunting in Bertie County in eastern North Carolina, and he knew that it was the same giant pig that other hunters had been talking about for some time. Using his .308 caliber rifle, Webb killed the boar and says that he and his family are going to be dining on his conquest for at least a year.

But the fame that has come along with his kill has caught Webb by surprise. As soon as WNCT broke the story a few days ago, the story was picked up by major news outlets like CNN and CBS, and it has since made the rounds on all of the big websites. Ain’t nobody been this excited about a dead porker since… nah, I know better than that.

“Channel 9 was actually the first to break it news-wise as far as doing a video clip on it. And from there, it’s just spun up out of control, to say the least,” said Jett Webb, hunter. “I’ve been contacted by CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, I mean they’ve done segments on their evening news. I’m just kind of taken back by it just being a country boy from ENC trying to put a little meat in his freezer.” (Via WNCT)

While this is the largest boar that Webb has ever killed, he previously shot one that still qualified as “pretty darn big,” if my hunting terminology is accurate, and that one was stuffed and mounted at White Oak Ranch Hunting Club. But this one was simply one for his tummy. Webb knows that Internet fame comes and goes like a plate of bacon on a blogger’s TV tray, but he’s enjoying the attention while it lasts.


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