This HS Football Player Learned A Harsh Lesson After Exposing Himself In A Yearbook Photo

Remember high school? Acne, shyness, perhaps an immature infraction or two. Maybe you did something silly for your yearbook photo, like wear a cooky outfit or strategically place your middle finger in view of the camera.

Hunter Osborn of Mesa, Arizona, took a different approach — he exposed the tip of his penis through the top of his shorts for a football team photo that appeared in about 3,400 yearbooks. This revelation has Osborn, who is 19 now and 18 at the time of this incident, facing dozens of criminal charges for indecent exposure, via

The reason why Osborn is facing 69 counts of indecent exposure is because there were 69 students — many of whom are minors — there at the time he did this. He also faces one count of “furnishing harmful items to minors,” which makes it sound like he gave them candy laced with broken glass.

“It is still an ongoing investigation,” Mesa police detective Steve Berry said. “The number of charges may go up or down depending upon how the investigation continues.”

This is sort of crazy. Yeah, this kid needs to be punished in some fashion, like having this story be the first thing that pops up whenever you Google his name for a few years, but he’s currently wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and could go to prison. That seems harsh to fellow students at Red Mountain High School.

“He made a dumb mistake a little bit, but I don’t think he should be charged so heavily for that,” senior Zach Anthony said.

Anthony and Brooke Bodrero, a sophomore, said they would not have noticed the offending image without being instructed where to look.

“It’s something that’s going to be on his record for the rest of his life,” Bodrero said. “The consequences are a little harsh.”

These kids have probably seen worse in Snapchats or on any episode of Game of Thrones but now Osborn’s life may be over because he took a stupid dare when he was 18.