Hunter Pence Fouled A Ball Off His Face So Hard You Can See The Seam Imprints

Hunter Pence is one tough dude. The San Francisco Giants’ veteran outfielder hit a foul ball off of himself on Saturday night. This, in and of itself, is not too terribly uncommon, as you’ll sometimes see baseball players hit a foul ball that goes straight down and hits their foot or shin. It hurts like hell, but they have shoes on and some of them wear shin guards, so it’s not like the pain is life-altering.

But Pence didn’t foul a ball off of his foot or shin. Instead, the ball bounced off of home plate and ended up hitting him below his right eye. This almost certainly hurt like hell, but Pence somehow managed to stay in the game. Just look at what the ball did to his face – as you zoom in, you can see that the seams of the ball show up, imprinted in his face.

The video of Pence getting tagged by a ball is even more impressive considering he reacted like he got stung by a bee. He just took a few steps and put his hand over the injury, which is amazing, because most of us would probably collapse into a ball of pain and sadness.

[mlbvideo id=”1018283183″ width=”650″ height=”364″ /]

If someone sees Hunter Pence any time in the next day or two, give him the coldest bag of peas that you can give him, because he is probably gonna need to put something freezing on this welt.