America Was Introduced To A Sport Called Hurling, And A Giant Brawl Broke Out

11.24.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

Fenway Park is used for a variety of things during the Red Sox offseason, one of which this year is hosting a hurling match, which is an Irish sport combining elements of lacrosse, soccer and baseball.

Admittedly, I was completely unfamiliar with the sport of hurling before seeing this clip, but if a usual match has anything near the massive brawl that took place at the match at Fenway, I think I’d be willing to give it a shot.

The nearly 30,000 spectators that descended on Fenway Park to witness the exhibition match between two of Ireland’s top teams, Galway and Dublin were not only witness to an exciting match which Galway won 50-47, but also a gigantic brawl that seemed to escalate the further it went on (which is aided immensely by the addition of traditional Irish music by NESN in the above clip).

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