Hurricane Joaquin Could Cause Some Wet, Weird Football On The East Coast This Weekend

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If you ever had a coach growing up tell you that you need to “embrace the elements” whenever you were playing a sport in bad weather, this weekend will be a perfect reminder of that. Hurricane Joaquin has developed into a Category 1 Hurricane that is expected to hit the Bahamas by Thursday, and it could bring some major rainfall to the East Coast over the weekend. That means that football games up and down the coast will have to weather the elements that Joaquin brings along with it.

The Weather Channel shows most of the storm’s projections — which are all over the place — have Joaquin making landfall on the East Coast anywhere between Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. That means a number of college football games could easily be affected, especially those being played inside the ACC. No. 11 Florida State takes on Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, N.C. — they could be experiencing some outer bands by the fourth quarter of that game. No. 12 Alabama at No. 8 Georgia is a 3:30 kickoff as well, and the forecast is already calling for rain in Athens. The marquee matchup of the weekend, No. 6 Notre Dame at No. 12 Clemson, could definitely see some nasty weather by the time kickoff rolls around at 8 p.m.

Joaquin is expected to continue along the coast through Sunday, which means NFL games in the area will also be wet. The Redskins play the Eagles at FedEx Field and dear God why do you have to make the conditions bad on top of these teams being already terrible? More games that could be affected include Giants-Bills in Buffalo. Luckily, most teams that look like they’ll have rain in their cities play in a dome, like the Atlanta Falcons.

It’ll be pretty interesting to see if these conditions, should Joaquin hit the East Coast as expected, cause a substantial impact in either the college or NFL games. If you’re a fan planning on going to any of these potentially wet games, just go ahead and stay home. No portion of watching a football game in the stands while it’s pouring rain can be enjoyable.

(Via Weather Channel)

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