This Husband Is Selling His Golf Clubs On Craigslist For The Saddest Reason Ever


June is finally here, which means recreational golf season is in full swing (pun intended). Each weekend from now until fall, the links will be filled with men and women of all ages, trying to get away from the daily grind for a few hours, while tossing back some beers in the process.

But that’s not the case for poor Tim K of Wilmington, Delaware, who recently put his clubs up for sale on Craigslist for the saddest of reasons.

For sale. Slightly used mizuno Jpx 825 irons (3-Pw). Probably used about four times. The clubs are awesone [sic], hit well, great feel and control. I absolutely love them.

I’m only selling them because I got married a year ago and my wife no longer lets me play golf. Actually she doesn’t let me do anything fun. So I’m hoping I can find them a good home. Preferably I’d like to sell them to a single guy who has no intention of ever getting married, but I know that’s not completely fair.

I also have a bag and driver I can throw in there too for a few bucks.

Emails preferred and we can go from there. Looking to get $500, but realistically it doesn’t matter how much they sell for since the money will go towards buying my wife more useless [expletive].

Thanks for understanding,

Tim K

There’s an adage that husbands have been saying that dates back many years: “A happy wife means a happy life.” For poor Tim K of Wilmington, we may have to change that to: “A sad hubby means no more golf clubby.”

Or perhaps something better than that. We can work on it.

(Via the Washington Post)