I Bet He Would Make a Good ‘Manager’

Pete Rose has engaged in a variety of acts which have stained the game, and he must now live with the consequences of those acts. He’s started admitting his mistakes, but I’m not sure he’s got a handle on the whole “living with the consequences” part. In a story that can only exist in a world where a peaceful God enjoys reading The Dugout, eternally-banned baseball hit king Pete Rose wants back into the game, and he’s going in head first like … uh, himself.

“I want to be a manager, that’s the only role,” Rose told the crowd at Ohio Justice and Policy Center gala. “But I’m running out of time. I want to teach young players.”

Rose announced his intentions to the attendees of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center gala, who last time I checked are not in charge of any baseball teams. It’s sort of like Brett Favre showing up at a local high school, zipping up his Wranglers and mentioning that he wants to be the commissioner of football and own a large horse.

“I don’t go to many banquets where I sit with the judge that sent me to prison,” the hit king and keynote speaker said, drawing laughter from the 300 people in attendance. “I’m not bitter at anybody. I made the mistake.”

He then added, “C’mon, Paulie, roll a dice. Take a chance!”

Personally I think Pete should be in the Hall of Fame and that what he did wrong barely matters in the grand scheme of spousal stabbings and drunk drivings in modern sports, but sorry, Pete, the only guy who could take back the whole “you’re banned forever from everything, deal with it” died before you started owning up.