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Year in and year out, the Spurs are the ugliest good team in the NBA, and while a lot of that stems from Tim Duncan's Sampras-like excellence, Manu Ginobili's flopping, and Tony Parker's stupid French face and bitch wife, it would be impossible to understate just how big of a cocksucker Bruce Bowen is.  And I don't mean cocksucker in the good way, like he's neat and dresses well.  I mean he deserves to be tied with barbed wire to a fence post in the wilds of west Texas in the dead of summer.

Here's Bowen cheap-shotting Chris Paul — only the most talented point guard in the league, and by most accounts one of the smartest and nicest players as well — with a knee to the face.  Why?  Possibly because the Hornets were kicking the Spurs' asses (they won 100-75).  But more likely because he's a cocksucker. 

Oh, and the refs called the foul on Paul, of course.  The NBA: where bullshit happens.

[Odenized via Fan IQ

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