08.23.07 11 years ago 19 Comments

Bearded cheerleader humper Clay Travis sent me this video of a three-year-old Georgia fan who already knows that "Gators wear jean shorts," the ultimate insult in SEC fandom.

Naturally, because it's the SEC, a flame war erupted between Gator and Dawg fans over a three-year-old's trash talk (click video screen to open up the comments page).  History since 1990 is cited.  History since 1950 is cited.  Accusations of mullet- and cropped tee shirt-wearing are thrown about.  And the child becomes a target of ridicule when one commenter claims he has a speech impediment, prompting this response: "I'm a speech therapist – the child has developmentally appropriate speech."  Most importantly, at no point does anyone say, "Jesus Christ!  It's just a three-year-old being cute."  Because it's not just a three-year-old being cute.  It's SEC football, and nothing in life matters more.

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