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Chelsea forward Nicolas Anelka, 28, sent sex-related text messaged his mistress, 24-year-old Natalie Merriman. On his wedding day.

[Merriman] also reveals that “Anelka shocked her by sending lewd photos of his private tackle to her mobile, thrilled her in bed with his astonishing gymnastic tongue, and tried to cover up his marriage [last June] by claiming it was his brother who'd wed.”

I think this serves as a cautionary tale for anyone in a serious relationship. Never give a woman head. It just brings an unwelcome dynamic into things.

“"Nico's a fantastic lover with an amazing body. We often had sex four times a night and he bombarded me with dirty text messages. I didn't know he was engaged, and I was really falling for him. But when I found out he'd actually got married and had even texted me that day, I realized he's just another typical lying, cheating footballer."

Lying, cheating, multi-tasking footballer. Seriously, fellas. I can barely text while I'm dropping the kids off at the pool.

Monday Morning Punter

[Log's Blog via Yahoo! India news]

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