I Once Scored A Goal…*THIS* BIG.

07.27.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Ollie Irish has written about “sport” for a bunch of people, including Goaly Moly, The Guardian and The Observer. He is the former editor of Stuff magazine and deputy editor of Observer Sport Monthly. Today, he provides syndicated soccer content for With Leather, and we’re damn glad to have him.

Words fail me. ‘Genius’ will have to do.

The skinny: This happened in Iceland at the weekend, during a match between Stjarnan and Fylkir – the former were responsible for the celebration, after Johann Laxdal scored.

I seriously think you should get bonus points in football for capers like this. Much as I always wanted Alan Shearer to break his leg when he ran around with one arm up in the air after scoring yet another penalty.

So, in summing up: yes, this is the greatest goal celebration in the history of football. The big-catch ‘photo’ at the end seals the deal.

This was syndicated content written by Ollie Irish and republished courtesy of our soccer-loving friends at Who Ate All The Pies.

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