MLB Sign Of The Year: I Skipped Chemo To See Chipper

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10.02.12 6 Comments

This is one of the best (and certainly one of the most inspiring) fan signs from an MLB game this season — a woman who skipped chemo therapy to see Chipper Jones during one of his final appearances at Turner Field. ‘I skipped chemo to see Chipper.’ At no point should my learned snarkiness make you think this didn’t choke me the hell up and make me want to go outside and run around in the fields and appreciate life, but two questions:

1. Is that a good idea? Because, really, and

2. Chipper’s been around since 1993, was this your only shot at seeing him?

That’s my new screenplay, the story of a baseball fan who has been trying to see her favorite player play at home for two decades but keeps getting pulled out for emergencies and weddings and acts of nature, and it all builds to that final weekend of his career where she’s either got to bail on cancer treatment or miss seeing him forever.

Regardless, here’s to hoping Chipper Jones types “Chipper Jones” into Google and finds this picture, because if I was a 20-year millionaire, my hobby would be finding people who sincerely give a shit about my existence and making their lives happier. Baseball is awesome, and sometimes its fans are, too. Good luck, Chipper Sign Lady.

[original photo via @hgielatan, h/t to Last Angry Fan]

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