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We’re reworking our lead-off post to give you a plate full of sports news goodness every morning. We’re calling it the Morning Meat, and it will set the table for the business that With Leather gives you throughout the day. Like everything else on this site, it’s a work in progress. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Do Flailing Mavericks Need Fresh Blood? Not if you ask Mark Cuban.  Though they’re slumping, he’s not looking to load up his roster unless it’s a definite upgrade.  Not to be results-oriented, but the Mavs are barely #1 in their division, and 4th in their conference (8th overall). There are a lot of games yet to be played, but I wouldn’t hang onto the sentiment of “we’ve looked worse,” when you just got beat by the 13-40 Timberwolves last week.

Women Ruin Everything. Many people have been left scratching their heads because NBC won’t be airing the U.S.A. vs. Canada hockey game on Sunday, February 21st–it’s been relegated to MSNBC.  The reason: Women like ice dancing better.  So, if you can’t afford cable screw you.  You get to watch Johnny Weir prance around in sequined spandex, wearing the latest MAC Cosmetics makeup campaign.

News Flash: Brett Favre is Vague. Yes, people are still talking about Brett Favre.  This time he issued a heartfelt (coughmedia-friendlycough) thank you letter in which he is gracious for his season in Minnesota, but still leaves the retirement question unanswered.  Big shock.  This guy is a bigger DT than an over-developed 15 year-old (2 words: international waters).

Speaking of Minnesota, Anyone Want a Stadium? ‘Cause the State might sell it to ya real cheap.  Like $1-cheap.  One State Representative isn’t really gung-ho about using public funds to pay for a new stadium, so his idea is to sell the Metrodome AKA Mall of America Field (P.S. that name is turrible) to the Vikings for a buck and let them have their way with it.

Scores Over Easy? We’ve Got Upsets!

Upsets are determined using the opening line on each game.

NBA Spurs 111, Nuggets 92

NHL Capitals 5, Senators 6

Sabres 3, Hurricanes 4

Bruins 5, Lightning 4

Stars 3, Flames 1

Oilers 3, Kings 2

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • HOUSE OF PUNTE brings you a podcast featuring yours truly, Christmas Ape’s Miami experience, and Josh’s Vegas recap with Dan Levy of On the DL.  Kissing Suzy Kolber.
  • Daniel Tosh lays his wood into an iPad.  Actually it’s an iron, but I just wanted to use that phrase.  Warming Glow.
  • Great Britain has a bus that drives on land and floats on water.  Except when it doesn’t float and it starts to sink.  Good job.  Gamma Squad.
  • There’s a new trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine, and John Cusack always gets a thumbs up from me.  “I WANT MY TWO DOLLAAAARRRSSS!”  Film Drunk.
  • Star Wars has expanded again with a new comic and novel, “Star Wars: Knight Errant”.  Yay?  Comics Alliance.
  • If there’s one thing guys love it’s musicals, especially remakes.  Am I right?  Okay, not so much, but at least this one is about hookers.  Inside Movies.
  • Some of the greatest sports moments have been recreated in video games.  Sadly I don’t think Morningstar’s free throw made the cut.  Unreality.
  • The 25 Hottest POA’s to ever grace the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.  Bleacher Report.
  • It’s Flash Game Friday: Robot Unicorn Attack.  You’re going to be singing this song allllllll weekend.  Adult Swim.

Tips? Okay, but that’s it.  Anything more and I’ll have to turn you in to HR: WithLeather-Tips@Uproxx.com

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