'I Went To A Wedding And A Hockey Fight Broke Out'

09.29.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

While I find the ritual of marriage to be generally positive and beneficial to the advancement of mankind, I generally think weddings are stupid, overpriced and just offensive…just like Joey Harrington. But he can play the piano! Great. Call me when he learns to play quarterback.

Anyway, this video from Chez Wyshynski reveals a fun little moment between the best man and the maid of honor (I would have guessed “matron of honor;” the short hairstyle is a raging clue) who decided that just walking into a room and waving to their friends and family wasn’t good enough for them. No, they had to put on hockey jerseys and pantomime a little do-si-do in Blackhawks and Red Wings sweaters. And of course the guy lost. Get used to it, guy. Your wedding will be coming soon enough.

I can make that joke because I’m already stuck doing the dishes this week. That has me wondering, if the Stanley Cup did fit into a dishwasher, would it be dishwasher safe? Whatever, just watch the video.

via Puck Daddy.

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