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Japan has once again proven that it’s the international leader in creating things both adorable and dangerous, as one of the hottest trends in the comically futuristic country is owning a tricked out super-charged low-rider scooter. From a London Paper gallery awesomely titled “Oversized pimped-up super scooters are the latest must-have fashion accessory among Japanese teens”:

Complete with oversized exhausts these colourfully extravagant 250cc scooters are the ultimate accessory for the Japanese teenager. Designed and created by Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda among others, the unique customised bikes are set to storm the world.

[Customer Scooter magazine editor Matsushita] Hisashi said the type of people buying them vary among mechanics, delivery drivers and lots of girls.

In a seemingly unrelated story, Japanese teens are the latest thing that oversize pimps must have access to.  At least, that’s what Double-XL Weezy told me the last time I was looking for a “date.”

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