Ian Poulter Golfs Like Me

05.23.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Dugout screen name-ready golfer Ian Poulter became my new favorite golfer by interpreting the fall of man and the futility of human effort with a swing and an epic collapse into the bunker at the Volvo World Championship. This is what I might look like trying to win the Volvo World Championship first thing in the morning, when I can’t pour a glass of water without spilling half of it on the floor. He’s sort of the living version of that animated gif where two bulldogs are having sex, and the one in back just vomits all over the one he’s railing. An encapsulation of life.

Poulter’s fall also helps explain humor to the layman. A man trying to be funny isn’t funny. Funny is a man trying to be serious, but failing. Poulter shows up to events with swirly hair color and USA-print Zubaz pants (right, in case you missed them) and it isn’t funny. It’s Brian Wilson funny. But Poulter getting his club caught in a shrub and falling to his doom? Pretty funny.

[H/T Dogs That Chase Cars]

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