Ice Cube Isn’t Going To Like What Taiwan Is Saying About Kobe Bryant

Last week’s @Storytime featured rapper-turned-wacky-neighbor Ice Cube Twitter-ranting about how David Stern wants the Lakers to start from scratch and how they’d trade the Clippers for an NFL team “any day of the week”, so he can’t be happy to click on With Leather this morning (because Ice Cube reads With Leather) and see Taiwan animating Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul shoulderblocking a lovelorn Kobe Bryant to the ground.

But here we are, and Next Media Animation has boiled down Kobe Bryant’s collapsing marriage and alleged infidelities to Vanessa Bryant bashing him in the head with a big sign that says DIVORCE. At one point she uses a Superfriends-like video board to communicate with other NBA wives, and at another she puts on a hardhat (?) and digs up a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Kobe apparently had buried in the backyard.

I don’t know, the best part is still Chris Paul’s “final boss in a video game” laugh. Taiwan really nailed his personality.