This Kid’s Face Was Full Of Pain After Dominating An ICEE Chugging Contest

Minor League Baseball games are quite entertaining to go to for a number of reasons, with the baseball itself sometimes barely cracking the top three reasons to go to a game. The tickets are cheap, the concessions are cheap, and minor league clubs do their best to come up with promotions or events that make it worthwhile to bring the family out to the ballpark.

It’s hard to come up with enough gimmicks to fill the minor league calendar, so not every night can be Star Wars night or another themed night — and sometimes they go a bit too far trying to come up with themes. That means there have to be some in-game activities as well. We’ve all seen these at baseball games over the years, the little between innings contests for gift cards or future tickets or whatever else they have from a sponsor.

My current favorite of these is the “Beat the Freeze” race in Atlanta, which can provide some high comedy as fans try to out race the Braves track star foul pole to foul pole, but the Memphis Redbirds may have a legitimate challenger in the entertainment department.

The Redbirds will invite a couple of kids down to the field for an ICEE chugging contest and the result is children fighting through the pain of a brain freeze for the glory of victory. On Sunday, one young man in particular battled through the worst of it in a heroic performance that ended in serious brain freeze pain.

He was so determined during the contest and once it stopped he was hit with a wave of crippling pain on his forehead that created some hilarious faces. That is a testament to this young man’s competitive spirit and desire to win. That brain freeze might’ve almost sent him to the turf in pain, but that will fade. The glory that is the Memphis Redbirds’ ICEE chugging championship is forever.