I’d Like To See Tony Romo Rap This Well

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11.16.11 3 Comments

The Buffalo Bills have lost their last two games and fallen to 5-4, so most of the weird homemade fan anthems about Bill-ieving have stopped or been taken down. The bad news is that they turned out to be a normal, imperfect football team. The good news is that now the Buffalo sports-related rap game is WIDE OPEN, and Bills wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt and long-time teammate Domonic Cook have stepped in to claim “hottest MC in the game” from that guy listing player names over a Beach Boys YouTube instrumental.

What you need to know:

– They about to take off, take off, take off.

– They about to bloap. Bloap. Bloap. Bloap.

It’s appropriate, too, as taking off and blowing is exactly what the Bills have done this season. Additional, local analysis can be found at Buffalo.com:

Grind Hard’s “Take Off” features Cook along with Roosevelt, sporting some serious Buffalo-wear. Complete with St. Joe’s hoodies, Bills hats and Sabres shirts, there is no denying where these guys call home.

I really appreciate them doing this, as the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Grizzlies are my favorite Buffalo sports teams. I’d check out the Twitter links at the end of the clip, but after the week we’ve had in sports I’m staying as far away from something called the “Grind Hard Boys” as possible.

[via Fark Sports]

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