Idaho Steelheads Fans Have Uncovered A Terrible Conspiracy Involving Their Beer

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03.12.14 14 Comments

If you’re the type of person whose mind is blown very easily, you might want to wear a helmet with some pillows duct-taped to it, because this news is going to blast you into another universe. It turns out that the beer sold in arenas and stadiums for sporting events is a complete ripoff. I know, I was so shocked that my monocle’s monocle shattered, but some Idaho Steelheads fans have taken this problem to the masses, and they’re already getting major results.

On Sunday, a couple that had recently attended a Steelheads hockey game posted a video to YouTube that revealed a very sneaky tactic that the CenturyLink Arena vendors were using to make a few extra bucks per overpriced beer. Basically, Gwen Gibbs and Heath Forsey became Internet heroes for showing that the amount of beer that comes in the “Regular” size for $4 is the same amount of beer that comes in the “Large” size for $7. It’s the old “This cup looks bigger than this one, but it’s not!” trick.

It didn’t take long for the fat cats in the CenturyLink Arena front office to see the pitchforks and torches on the horizon, because they issued an apology and statement yesterday, after the video had racked up more than 275,000 views.

“It was recently brought to our attention that the amount of beer that fits in our large (20-oz) cups also fits in our regular (16-oz) cups,” Eric Trapp, president said. “The differentiation in the size of the two cups is too small.”

“To correct that problem, we’re purchasing new cups for the large beers that will hold 24 ounces, instead of 20, for the remainder of this season to provide better value to our fans. As we do every offseason, we’ll evaluate our entire concessions menu for next season over the summer.” (Via

Sure, that corrects the problem moving forward, but what does it solve for the many, many Steelheads fans who have paid $7 for 4 extra ounces and should have been way more wasted than they were during those boring hockey games? The only solution? Individual keg night for the first 5,000 fans through the door. Also, free team funnels on Binge Drinking Night. Oh, and it’s CenturyLink Arena? How about Century Club Night? I’m available for consultation on all hazardous drinking promotional ideas.

In the meantime, here’s the celebratory follow-up video that Gwen and Heath posted to remind Steelheads fans that they’ll never have to thank them.


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