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There's both a hubbub and a hullabaloo today over allegations that the Patriots employed a cameraman to steal signs from the Jets yesterday.  The camera was confiscated and sent to NFL headquarters for further investigation.  If guilty, the Patriots could face serious fines and the loss of draft picks.

"It's not their first time," a member of the committee, who did not wish to be identified, said. In fact, Green Bay Packers president Bob Harlan confirmed a similar incident that occurred when the Patriots played at Lambeau Field last Nov. 19. The same cameraman who was questioned by NFL security on Sunday was also the one whom the Packers removed from the sideline and escorted from the field during their 2006 game.

So NFL teams aren't allowed to steal signs?  This is so confusing while the baseball season is going on. Because in baseball, you're supposed to steal signs.  It's part of the strategy.  Kind of like how in baseball, steroids are legal but frowned upon, whereas in the NFL they're illegal but totally cool.  The nuances are tricky.

Did anyone else besides me not expect this kind of subterfuge from Bill Belichick?  Usually he's so forthright. 

MORE NFL: Of course, Monday Night Football kicks off tonight with a fairly useless doubleheader in which the late game (Cardinal-49ers) will go really fucking late into the night and be of interest to very few people.  ESPN, of course, wants you to know that it's a very big deal, to the point that they've even got real newspapermen to live-blog the thing.  It's true: Matt Mosley will take Ravens-Bengals in the early slot, and Mike Sando's got the West Coast game.  Should be a nice supplement to Mike and Mike calling the game.  Yay.

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