Iker Casillas Knows How to Party

07.12.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Yes that reporter Sara Carbonero is his girlfriend, but it’s cooler if you pretend that she isn’t. Eat your heart out, Joe Namath! You’re a disgrace to sideline reporter kissers around the globe. My favorite part is when he plopped one down on her eye. If I ever won a major championship I know exactly what I’d do now; hold a competition with my teammates to see how many sideline reporters we’d kiss. By the end all of the reporters would be wearing surgical masks to protect themselves but let me tell you what, that ain’t stopping me! I’d also demand a t-shirt gun so I could shoot champion garb at the losing team (and maybe hamsters), but I digress.

I’m sure you all know about what happened yesterday at the World Cup so I’ll spare you my inane analysis and just give you the good parts. The Dutch were playing extremely physical all game as it devolved into a kicking and shoving quagmire that thankfully brought us this epic moment:



Oh yeah, and psychic octopus Paul won again. He’s gonna pull so much tail. Hit the jump for more Sara Carbonaro. 




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