Important: A Flying Rabbit Screwed Teddy Out Of The Easter Day Presidents Race

We haven’t said a lot about the Washington Nationals’ GEICO Racing Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt broke through the glass ceiling and finally won a race in late 2012, but this update is important, especially if you’re in a family that celebrates the bunnies-and-chocolate side of Easter.

On Easter Sunday — a day that is supposed to be treated with reverence and fellowship — a flying Easter Bunny disrupted the GEICO Racing Presidents, hitting Teddy with a high crossbody off the railing to incapacitate him and give the win to also-ran President William Taft. I wasn’t going to describe it accurately with pro wrestling terminology but Taft walked away with the World Heavyweight Championship, so deal with it.

Here is the clip. Parents: do not let your children celebrate an animal that would do this.

[mlbvideo id=”32238541″ width=”650″ height=”400″ /]