IMPORTANT: An Independent Baseball Team Is Wearing Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ Jacket Jerseys

The 2014 baseball season has been the ultimate novelty baseball jersey pissing contest.

Spider-Man jerseys! Darth Maul’s face! BACON. SELFIES. The Fresh f*cking Prince of Bel-f*cking-Air. Every few weeks another team raises the bar, and the Internet goes !!!. It’s justifiable. They’re almost always great. Okay, maybe not the selfies jersey.

The latest effort is from the American Association independent league team the Gary Southshore Railcats — God, I hope they’re owned by a guy named “Gary Southshore” — and may have outdone them all. Behold, novelty jerseys based on Michael Jackson’s jacket from the ‘Beat It’ video.

They’re wearing the jerseys next Saturday, the 21st, in honor of Gary, Indiana’s most famous son. Here’s a serious question: why isn’t the team just Michael Jackson themed all the time? Call them the Moonwalkers and make their batting helmets look like fedoras. Have the mascot transform into a car. Do it right.

Anyway, if you live in Indiana and want to snag one of these for us, please do. If not, devote a few minutes of your day to going back and rewatching the ‘Beat It’ video, because for real, it is one of the greatest videos of all time.