Important Developing Local News Story: Birds Are Attacking Miami Heat Fans

After a much-needed three-day vacation, the Miami Heat will return to the American Airlines Arena on Saturday to try to take a 2-1 lead over the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. But when fans arrive to the game, presumably after the first quarter begins, they’ll want to make sure that they avoid any of the areas surrounding the arena that have trees, because there are birds in them there parts, and they are quite pissed. It seems that people heading to AAA for work yesterday, or those who were simply cutting through, fell victim to the wrath of tiny, annoying birds that were simply protecting their eggs.

WSVN news caught some of the “victims” on camera, including one guy who had his pants undone because Florida, and one woman called it frightening and compared it to the movie The Birds. Such a shame. One day Birdemic will become the go-to movie for all things bird-related. So if you’re heading to Game 3 on Saturday, make sure to hold on to your white sunglasses, because if the birds have any sense of decency, they’ll attack those first.

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Also, shame on WSVN for not going with the much more clever segment title “AAAngry Birds.” We don’t have to sacrifice good ideas to get the stories up faster, folks.

(H/T to SB Nation)