Important News: The Most Consecutive Back Handsprings Record Has Been Shattered

I know you rely on With Leather for updates on which high school cheerleader currently holds the “most consecutive back handsprings” world record, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

In 2011 and 2012, Texas cheerleader Miranda Ferguson broke the world record and then broke her own, doing 20 and then 35 consecutive back handsprings. In July, a girl by the name of Courtney Thurston toppled the record with 37. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Reddit, we know that Courtney’s record barely made it two months before being shattered by a Walsh Jesuit High School cheerleader named Marie.

Marie did 40 back handsprings while a guy in his best “non-teaching adult at school” clothing ran alongside her. It is a true achievement in record-breaking athleticism, and maybe it’ll stand until that preening girl in the bow behind her gets greedy and goes for 41. The clip:

Let’s hear it for the WOYers!

This is great and everything, but what’s with the girls breaking the record in such tiny increments? We need a Babe Ruth of consecutive back handsprings to rise and set an unbeatable mark, just crush everybody and do like, 160 in a row. SHE will become a true legend, and inspire a nation of young women to flip backwards onto their faces trying to achieve YouTube glory.

Or, you know, somebody make the dude in the white shorts do ONE.