Important News: Nick Diaz Is Good At Nunchucks

04.02.13 6 years ago 12 Comments

Nick Diaz is good at a lot of things — having his face rearranged by Georges St-Pierre, avoiding his taxes, etc. — but the 10-year old boy in you may be super excited to learn that he’s great at nunchucku, or, at the very least, he owns a pair of nunchucks and a Flip phone and isn’t afraid to share.

In fact, this video might be the most Nick Diaz thing ever. He’s just standin’ around, hitting a whiffle ball with nun chucks, listening to Stone Temple Pilots and prominently displaying a bowl on his kitchen counter, because of course that was included on purpose. Video is below. Warning: you may want to go to Spencer’s Gifts after watching.


Maybe he should ask somebody if he can use weapons in his rematch with GSP. Nick Diaz with two katanas vs. GSP, who wins?

[h/t to Maggie Hendricks at Cagewriter]

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