Important Sports News: Shaq Doesn’t Know What A Pierogi Is

Shaquille O’Neal thinks pierogis are sausages. SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR MORE UPDATES.

wait, do I have to write more

Sigh, okay, so Marcin Gortat is Polish. Shaq has delusions that he’s a SportsCenter anchor so he had to come up with a polish reference to call a play, and went “polish food.” Polish sausages. At some point during the day, Charles Barkley told Shaq that polish sausages are “pierogis.” This could’ve been a purposeful sabotaging of Shaq’s vocabulary, or Shaq could have the listening comprehension of a trout, either way.

It turned into an argument, and a heated discussion on which foods Shaq’s “big ass” knows. The next crowdfunded Shaq game should be a ‘Cooking Mama’-style game called SHAQ FOOD. SEE TOMORROW MORE UPDATE.

h/t GamedayR