In Case You Were Wondering, It Is Probably Pretty Awesome To Be A Billionaire

Disclaimer: If your family has a history of high blood pressure or you are easily excitable and find yourself punching random objects, people or pets in dynamic fits of rage, maybe sit this one out. Because it’s a doozie.

Eighty-year old billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has built not only his fortune but his reputation by being the world’s foremost name in the sport of Formula One racing. For decades, and from the earliest days of NASCAR’s classier European cousin, Bernie climbed F1’s ladder of success beginning as a racer and working all the way up to his current reign as CEO.

Sure, he’s shown sympathy for Hitler and when Danica Patrick broke into racing, Bernie said that she should dress in white like all of the other appliances. But other than that, he’s been the brains of classic global financial success. Unfortunately, his daughters have signed on to represent the face.

In July, the U.S. was introduced to Bernie’s 23-year old daughter, Petra, after she borrowed $82.4 million from her mother, former Armani model Slavica, to purchase Aaron and Candy Spellings’ 57,000-sq. ft. mansion, “The Manor,” in Los Angeles. At the time, she said that she needed the massive estate so she could live in America and maintain the level of comfort that she was used to in Britain. However, that is not entirely true.

Petra Ecclestone has revealed the real reason why she bought her £52million Los Angeles mansion – so her miniature dogs can have more space.

The 22-year-old has admitted that concern for her five pets was why she splashed out her father’s money on the 14-bedroom property.

Even though she already has a six-story £56 million mansion in Chelsea, Ms Ecclestone felt that they deserved more room to live, she said. (Daily Mail)

In case you’re like me and you failed College Algebra twice, Petra and her husband, James Stunt, and their five dogs live in a 57,000-sq. ft. mansion. That means they each have approximately 8,143-sq. ft. to enjoy their quiet time. And while Petra’s 27-year old sister, Tamara, is also heading to the States to become a reality TV star, the dogs won’t have to worry. She’ll be getting her own place.

On a side note, when the next class war eventually happens, it seems like Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills would be the best place to start. Or if the zombie apocalypse happens first, we’ll know where to head for the most space and least defense. Hell, if you’re just out strolling around and you happen to have an egg or a roll of toilet paper with you, keep an eye out for this:

And here’s a bonus trivia question: What kind of man captures the heart of a woman like Petra or Tamara?

As if you even had to ask.