In Case You Were Wondering, Michael Jordan is Still Michael Jordan

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07.19.11 6 Comments

Michael Jordan dunking at age 48

Here are a few facts to make you feel extremely old, pending you not being one of those 14-year olds who has had the Internet their entire life and can’t remember what they did five minutes ago:

1. Michael Jordan played his last game in the NBA over eight years ago.
2. Michael Jordan won his last slam dunk contest over 23 years ago.
3. Michael Jordan will be 50 in two years.

I got excited a few months ago when I saw a video of Spud Webb dunking at age 47. I thought, “hey, that makes me feel better about the ominous march of time” and jumped on here to post it. Then I noticed he was dunking with a trampoline. My head sank and I aged about four years. Today I’m happy to say I got at least two of those years back, because the Yahoo! Sports Minute has put up a clip of 48-year old Michael Jordan dunking on a ten foot goal with relative ease. Apparently he’s still good enough to beat anyone he meets, including his staff. And before you ask, yes, LeBron James is on his staff.

Watch the video below.

That Michelle Marie sure knows a lot about sports, doesn’t she? I wonder what her last name is. I’m gonna guess “Jennifer”.

[via Ball Don’t Lie]

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