In Celebration Of The Ball Boy Who Ate It At Wimbledon

This week has seen two major tennis stories break:

1. Serena Williams pulled the “heh, maybe she shouldn’t have been wearing clothes or trying to have fun!” argument about the Stubenville rape survivor and spent the rest of the week alternately apologizing or blaming reporters for writing down the words she said.

2. Burnsy debuted his 73 Sports Movies In 73 Days feature by reminding the world that the film Wimbledon exists.

Today, those two stories come together. God, I should already have a Pulitzer.

On Tuesday, though, Williams put her war of words with Maria Sharapova on the back burner, dispatching Mandy Minella 6-1, 6-3 in the first round at Wimbledon.

The defending champion dominated on her serve, winning the first set without dropping a point while serving. Her main weapon let her down only at the start of the second set, when Minella was able to take a 2-0 lead when Williams double-faulted on break point. (via CBS Sports)

And then, somewhere in the middle of that, a ball boy tanked it so hard. Here’s the clip:

I’d talk shit about him, but man, this is life in a nutshell. You get lucky sometimes (ball boy at Wimbledon!), and sometimes you try to help and fail miserably. Nobody really cares (Serena and Mandy don’t even seem to notice), but then when you get home you find out a bunch of jerks are typing LOOOOOL about you on the Internet.

It could be worse. Does anybody know what this kid thinks about rape?

[h/t to It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]