In The Arms Of The Morning Links, Fly Away From Here


NBC Buys 80’s Wrestling Drama from The Rock – Matt Ufford gave me a shout-out in this, and he’s right; my personal career goal is to have the people in charge of this show find my Best and Worst reports, realize I’m the man for the job, put me in charge and let me turn it into an actual NWA 80s wrestling show without any confrontational family moments or walking conversations. [Warming Glow]

Kevin Durant’s Summer Blossom Has Hip Hop Roots – By the time the NBA comes back, Kevin Durant will have like six championship rings. I don’t know how it’s gonna work, but it’s gonna happen. [Smoking Section]

Henry Winkler F’n Loves Fly Fishing – And he’s very good. [Adult Swim]

Brandon Marshall Has All The Crazy – Worth reading if only for those pictures of Marshall making that face. That’s the face I make when I’m trying to concentrate and not die in video games. Maybe he got stabbed in the mouth. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

With Leather

Female Reporter Wants Her Butt Signed – ESPN is like five years away from doing this. Rachel Nichols is just gonna whip out her junk one day to hoots and it will have happened so gradually we won’t notice. [With Leather]

Athletes Take to Twitter for the Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011 – Read this, then go back and click the Buzzfeed link in the intro where everybody blames the earthquakes on gay marriage. I didn’t know getting gay married turned you into one of the Teen Titans. [With Leather]

LeBron James Is Like A Dead Kid From A Movie I Once Saw – The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter isn’t a great movie, but if you don’t give this post a bunch of hits I’m comparing Andy Dalton to Return To Oz, and I promise you it’s not nearly as solid a connection. [With Leather]

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/22 – Update: I won’t be doing Best and Worst of Smackdown this week, as I’ll be on a plane to Virginia while it’s on. I will, however, do a Best and Worst of Super Duper Live Smackdown next Tuesday, even though that’s when I’m on the plane back. [With Leather]

Not Sports

16 Rejected Titles for Toy Story – The person who suggested “Rex’s First Movie” should’ve been fired on the spot. I bet it would’ve had “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind in the trailer. I hope John Lassater’s response was “we aren’t making the f**king Rugrats” and a slap across the face. [Film Drunk]

7 Famous Album Covers Featuring People Who Didn’t Want to Be There – Who sues Dido, honestly? She’s been through enough. One time her boyfriend stuffed her in the trunk and drove her off a bridge. [The Smoking Jacket]

The 11 Worst Songs to Have Sex To – This is pretty funny, but my biggest pet peeve ever: people who identify a song by saying an entire line. The song isn’t called “in the arms of an angel”, it’s called “Angel”. Even worse is calling it “that in the arms of an angel song”. Consider your ass McLachlan’d. [Buzzfeed]

Classic Video Games As Stage Plays – I’m almost too old to think this is funny, but I’m not there yet. The Duck Hunt clip isn’t great (other than the pre-existing Duck Hunt sound effects), but I’m gonna say that Donkey Kong play is probably hilarious. [Gamma Squad]