06.25.07 11 years ago 38 Comments

The U.S. Men's National Team captured the not very prestigious Gold Cup over hated rival Mexico 2-1.  Which is better than not winning a not prestigious tournament, but we Americans shouldn't be too happy with ourselves just yet.  Not unless you're Landon Donovan, who pulled off the the impressive combination of brooding and smug in this post-victory photo.  Rawr!  Watch out, ladies!

Anyway, Donovan has reason to be pleased: after going into halftime down 1-0, he scored on a tying penalty kick in the 60th minute, his fourth such goal of the tournament and his 34th for Team USA, which ties Eric Wynalda's record.  Benny Feilhaber added a wicked volley off a corner kick ten minutes later (watch the video here), and the Americans held the rest of the way to improve to 10-0-1 under new coach Bob Bradley and continue their dominance of Mexico (9-2-1 since 2000).

In a related story, the FanHaus noticed that Univision actually called the American men "Team Gringo."  And I know Fox Soccer Channel is grossly incompetent, but somehow I don't think they'd label the Mexicans "Team Wetback."  But this is what happens when your team nickname is "USMNT" — it doesn't have quite the same ring as El Tri or Les Bleus or what have you.  But hey, "Yankee" was a slur before it became the best baseball team in history, so I say embrace the moniker.  Let's go Gringos!  Keep beating those wetba– er, El Tri.

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