06.18.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

Did you ever want to play to play golf with a hockey stick? Baseball with a tennis racket? Basketball with a football? Volleyball with the head of a dead soccer player? If so, you're probably idiotic or crazy, if not both. But that doesn't mean you can't, at least in the case of the first example, now that Shop NHL is offering a hockey stick golf putter for the low, low price of $115.

Hockey and golf are very different sports. But together, you can show your passion for play on the ice during a round on the links.

That'll show those fusty golf toffs that you're not slavishly devoted to their game! No one sport-beholden sap are you.You're a rugged individualist who's not afraid to enjoy two boring sports.

You can see it now: A few linksmen playing a gentlemanly 18 holes. You arrive on the green and gentlely remove, what? YOUR HOCKEY STICK PUTTER?! That means…you like more than one sport and feel the need to inform others in pointlessly jarring ways? But, but, how? Consider their minds blown. Problem is, golf clubs hurt more than hockey sticks. Something to consider when they charge at you with a fusillade of clubs and ugly shirts.

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