India Is Not A Good Sports Environment

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09.24.10 10 Comments

When India began preparing for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the country’s government officials boasted that they would be creating an atmosphere that would make it the greatest experience in the history of the event. The result has far exceeded their expectations to the point that countries are threatening to pull out before the event even begins because they’re just overwhelmed by the awesomeness. *receives note from Punte’s trained flamingo* Oops, my bad, they’re pulling out because people have been exposed to dengue fever.

Countries like New Zealand are on the verge of running in fear from the event and the city of New Delhi because of silly old stuff like a stadium bridge collapsing, a venue’s roof caving in, and the lack of trash pick-up in and around the athletic villages. Not to mention the possibility of contracting dengue fever, which makes people feel like their bones have been broken before eventually killing them. But don’t worry, silly countries, India thinks you’re all exaggerating.

Tell me a tale of a boy who grows up in poverty to win a small fortune and the heart of his one true love, Yahoo! News:

The minutes reflect New Zealand’s representative refusing to allow their athletes to use “these dirty and unhygienic bathrooms”, which the English delegates called “disgusting”. And Scotland pointed out that stray dogs loitered freely around the residential areas and even soiled beds in which athletes are expected to sleep by next week. There were piles of rubbish around the 34 apartment towers, delegates at the meeting complained, and some plumbing and wiring was not operational, while some ground-floor apartments were flooded and the standing water increased the risk of dengue fever – New Delhi is facing a major outbreak of the disease that has infected 2,450 people so far.

Not to mention that the World Health Organization has reported that more than 2.5 million people have been exposed to the deadly disease worldwide. But you’re just overreacting, New Zealand. There are still 10 days left before the games start, so India has time to get things cleaned up. And that bridge collapse? None of the 30 people injured were athletes from other countries, so chill out, guys.

And if you’re wondering how India can right this stinking ship with just over a week to go, well the good news is that they’re utilizing every last bit of work force they can find. Even children.

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