03.04.08 10 years ago 25 Comments

Consequences suck.  When you make a sex tape or take naked pictures of yourself, you have approximately 12-15 seconds to destroy the original digital copy before it makes it to the Internet and any job or extracurricular activity requiring you to have a wholesome image is shot to hell forever.

Such is the case for one Indiana Hoosier cheerleader who ended up on Don Chavez today (link has NSFW pics, but they're thumbnailed "below the fold").  Ol' Don isn't sure if the Hoosier in question is still on the squad, but this photo of the just-selected 2008 squad has someone in the front row, third from right, who looks, oh, pretty much exactly like our nude model, even though it's kind of hard to recognize her with all those clothes on.

Anyway, peruse at your own risk.  She's certainly not shy, and I applaud her grooming.  Oh, and to that last girl who got cut during tryouts: good news, there may be a spot opening up soon.

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