Indiana’s Football Team Pays Tribute To A Former Coach With Their Latest Adidas Uniforms

08.25.17 6 months ago


Adidas has slowly let slip some of the special jerseys they’re making for various college football programs this season. They’ll have Texas A&M ready for the ‘Bright Lights‘ of Saturday Night Football in front of the 12th Man. Miami got two special jerseys this year. Even Rutgers will look good doing… whatever it is Rutgers does on Saturdays in the fall.

Indiana football’s newest adidas uniforms are much more touching, paying tribute to a beloved tradition and the school’s even more beloved coach. The Hoosiers teamed up with adidas to debut the Hep’s Rock alternate uniforms, which were announced on Thursday.

The jerseys commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Terry Hoeppner’s death. Hoeppner coached the Hoosiers and died of brain cancer in 2007. The rock Indiana would touch before home games was named “Hep’s Rock” soon after, and these special jerseys use elements of the limestone boulder that was once at the team’s practice facility but now sits in Memorial Stadium.

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