Pat McAfee Busted Out An Unnecessarily Long Celebration After An Outstanding Punt

The most fun punter in the NFL right now is Marquette King. No one disputes this … well, check that. One person will wholeheartedly disagree: Colts punter Pat McAfee. While King has been a delight recently, McAfee has been one of the league’s silliest punters for years.

The Colts’ punter displayed his huge personality on Monday night against the Jets. McAfee got off an excellent kick which pinned New York deep.

Once he finished, he proceeded to celebrate. Then, when it looked like he stopped celebrating, he just kept celebrating. And celebrating. The dude just wouldn’t stop waving to the crowd at MetLife Stadium because he just booted a ball way down the field. Once he was done with that, he started shaking like Razor Ramon and dapped up a teammate. Was it a bit much? Absolutely, but when you’re gunning for the title of No. 1 Punter in the World, you have to do stuff like this.

The Colts vs. Raiders game on Christmas Eve will be great if only for a McAfee vs. King celebrating matchup. These two are beyond swagged out, and while King would be a big favorite, McAfee would absolutely go down swinging. Literally, he’d probably bust out a swing dance for like 15 minutes after a good punt.