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The city of Indianapolis and their brand new stadium will be hosting the 2012 Super Bowl. Kill me now. 

Indy beat Houston and Phoenix in a vote of the league’s 32 owners after losing by just two votes to Dallas for the 2011 game. Despite its cold weather, Indianapolis had been expected to win because its competitors have hosted a Super Bowl since opening their stadiums.

And their competitors have something to offer as a city, like heat in February, and shit to do while you're there. But they didn't have Dennis Hopper, apparently. 

Actor Dennis Hopper, nominated for an Oscar for his role as an alchoholic basketball coach in "Hoosiers," is lending his star power to Indianapolis in its bid for the 2012 Super Bowl. Hopper appears in a video that is part of the city's 15-minute presentation before the NFL's 32 owners today in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead. Owners will vote for a winner between presumed favorite Indianapolis and competitors Houston and the Phoenix areas.

Dennis Hopper could stick his head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it. God, I hate Indy. 

[IndyStar can suck my balls] 

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