The Indians Owned Everyone On Twitter, Including Drake, After Moving On To The World Series

As someone who watches a lot of hockey — a sport where no one is allowed to have a personality or extract an ounce of joy from winning anything less than a Stanley Cup — it’s a real treat to see things like the Cleveland Indians owning the Toronto Blue Jays on social media after winning the ALCS. If a hockey player did any of this after winning a conference final, he’d probably be released by his team before the Stanley Cup Final started.

It all started four days ago, when Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista passively aggressively blamed “circumstances” for the Indians’ success in the series without actually saying what they were.

Then before the deciding Game 5 on Wednesday, Bautista told anyone who would listen that the Blue Jays weren’t worried about facing pitcher Ryan Merritt, who had never started a postseason game in his brief career.

Merritt proceeded to allow two hits and zero runs over 4.1 innings while throwing many pitches right down the middle of the plate. The Indians won 3-0 to the advance to the World Series but won the social media owning championship after the game.

Staff ace Corey Kluber had the Merritt/boots photo but third baseman Jose Ramirez seemed to have the most fun of anyone with the Twitter jokes.

When Trevor Bauer typed out a tweet with his nine working fingers that skewered Bautista’s “circumstances” dig, Ramirez came back with a Drake Crying Jordan.

Bauer capped it off with the photo that says it all about the two teams.

Let’s hope the Cubs or Dodgers talk a lot of trash and lose the World Series, because we need to see what Ramirez and Bauer do to Eddie Vedder or Vin Scully pictures.

(SB Nation)