Infamous West Virginia Paint Huffer Enjoys A Day At The Ballpark

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08.20.10 8 Comments

If you’re not familiar with the exploits of Patrick Tribett over the past few years, then I’m afraid you’re just not living life, my friends. The West Virginia man is an Internet sensation thanks to various appearances on The Smoking Gun for his multiple arrests for paint huffing. Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because Tribett has been arrested again for throwing himself a one-man ballpark giveaway. And the prize was a can of sweet, metallic spray paint. I’ll give you a second to catch your pigment-scented breath.

Wetzel County (WV) sheriff’s deputies were called to Hydro-Drive Ball Field, the apparent home of the Fightin’ Krylons, because of a suspicious man lurking around the ballpark. Turns out it was our old buddy Tribett, and I’ll bet you’re wondering if he had gold paint on his face. He sure did. This arrest is a milestone for Tribett, as it is believed to be the 10th time that the aerosol-aficionado has been booked for paint huffing. They say the 10th time is the one you’ll remember… *sniffs, huffs* forever.

All that glitters is definitely gold, WTOV 9 in West Virginia:

Wetzel County sheriff’s deputies arrested Patrick Tribett — again with gold spray paint on his face — Wednesday night.

Officials said they don’t know why Tribett, who is from Wheeling, was in New Martinsville. Tribett has been arrested several other times in other Ohio Valley towns for huffing paint.

You have to give Tribett some credit where it’s due. Most huffers are just all about the money these days, but Tribett is still out there touring the greater Ohio Valley and showing kids what a true paint huffing artist is all about. As to why Tribett was huffing in New Martinsville when he lives in Wheeling, well, I’m pretty sure that when you spend your nights looking like you just woke up from a drunken sleepover at Dustin Rhodes’ house, the least of your worries is “How did I get here?”

As for his history of fine work, WTOV has a great rundown of Tribett’s authoritative run-ins over paint huffing, dating all the way back to 2006, when he was just a rookie trying to work his way up through the Ohio Valley huffing farm system. Unfortunately, this latest arrest has disqualified Tribett yet again from the Wetzel County Fair’s Fred Dryer Lookalike Contest.

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